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Flapjack Finder Stampede Pancake Breakfast iPhone App

Welcome to our fresh off the press iPhone app!

Our app does the same thing as the web site and more. It allows you to find Stampede Breakfasts when you are out and about, two-stepping, and having a good old time! There are lots of features of the app we are sure you will enjoy.


  • * See a map view of Stampede Breakfasts
  • * Use GPS to find Breakfasts near you
  • * Search for Breakfasts by postal code, gps location, and date
  • * See the Celebrities that are attending
  • * Send to your friends and family by email and text mesage
  • * Share Breakfasts on Facebook and Twitter
  • * Get directions from your current location
Flapjack Finder iPhone App Calgary Stampede Pancake Breakfasts
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